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Students who fail classes multiple times will not receive financial aid to retake those classes

Published: Monday, October 10, 2011

Updated: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 13:10


Sydney Sorenson | Dixie Sun

Students who failed their classes for a second time will have to, at their own expense, pay to retake the course or its equivalent.

"The federal government will only pay for two classes, so if you failed the first one then you can retake it without paying it," said J.D. Robertson, director of financial aid.

While federal law doesn't provide financial aid for students to retake a course they have failed for the third time, Dixie State College provides a different solution if students are willing to take it.

Though there are unforeseen circumstances that might doom students to fail a class their first or second time. DSC gives students an alternative to retake the class.

"Because of school policies, they will have to take between 12 and 20 credits, which they don't actually pay for," Robertson said.

Whether it is a lower or upper division class, DSC students need to step it up because the financial aid office cannot fund failure.

"Students need to be careful and make sure they pass with an appropriate grade because if they fail and retake the class a third time, you will have to pay out of pocket," Robertson said.

Either way, students should meet their class requirements by the second time they tried in order to avoid failing the class and future financial aid assistance.

Hazel Sainsbury, a junior communication major from St. George, said: "Even though there are a lot of reasons why students may fail, it is only fair that student paid for their class. A lot of people need financial aid, and the federal government should give money to students that perform. There are options. Students can drop the class or audit it."

Robertson also said the process started this semester, and the only way students can find out is through the Banner System.

As soon as they are enrolled in classes, students can find out if they can take the class or not and what they might need.

"Financial aid is a great benefit for students, but there are rules and guidelines that they need to follow," Dean of Students Del Beatty said. "Aid is provided to students to get an education, and the [financial aid] office shouldn't paid for failing a class over and over again."  

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